Electronic Ballast | Hydroponics Ballast 600W

Electronic Ballast 600W for Hydroponics
Voltage: 244V, 50Hz
Dimming Option: 250W/400W/600W/ Super Lumens
-Extremely high frequency,  works perfectly with standard lamps and double-ended lamps.
-Dimming Type:250/400/600/Super Lumens.
-Has a "soft start" program to allow multiple ballasts to start at the same time.
-Works with both metal halide(MH) and high-pressure sodium(HPS)lamps.
-External breaker system protects against power surges.
1.End of Lamp Life(EOL)Protection
2.Short circuit protection
3.Open circuit protection
4.Ignition failure protection
5.Thermal protection
Installation & Application Notes
1.Max. allowable case temperature:75°C/167°F.
2.Ambient Temperature:-20...+40°C/-4…+104°F.
3.Max. Humidity:95%.
4.Ignition voltage is 5kV max.