Metal Halide Grow Lamp 1000W

Metal Halide Grow Lamp 1000W
MH 1000W Grow Lamp
Rated Wattage: 1000w
Rated Initial Lumens: 100,000
Average Rated Life Hours: 9,500
Quantity/case: 12pcs
Supply Ability: 100000pcs/month
Delivery Time: 15 days upon deposit

Metal Halide grow lamp, hydroponics grow lamp, MH lamp 1000W, MH 1000W 
Optimized for electronic ballasts,
Super High luminous efficiency,
Specially designed for plant growth, hydroponics growing,
Provide high initial and maintained lumen output with optimum spectral energy required for vegetative growth,
More energy in violet, blue and green spectrum to enhance flowering,
Allows you to stretch your growing season to 365 days a year,
Fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth,