Reflective Films | Reflective Mylar Film

Size (inch) :  4ft x 25 ft, 4ft x 50ft, 4ft x 100ft
Size: (meter): 1.2m x 50m, 1.2m x 100m
Customized size available
Thickness: 2mil, 1mil

Reflective Mylar film is a silver color metalized polyester film that is plated with a thin aluminum foil layer on the surface under a high vacuum condition, so it combines the advantages of plastic film and the reflective mirror aluminum metallic luster.

Mylar is an inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of your costly grow light systems.
Just like the walls, ceiling and even the floor of your greenhouse and grow rooms with the extremely reflective Mylar film, and it can make the most efficient use of your grow light by reflecting unused light back to your plants.
Besides, the light-blocking and thermal insulation Mylar film could also help maintain heat to keep your grow room at proper temperatures for your plants to thrive.
With more favorable light received by your plants can enhance the yields of your greenhouse/grow room!



Used in indoor gardens to reflect the light back onto the plants
Lightproof & Light-reflecting 92%-98%
Waterproof and Heat Insulating
Corrosion resistance and aging resistance
Durable, puncture and tear-resistant
Easy to mount: be tacked or taped directly to a flat surface