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Full Spectrum 500W Greenhouse LED Grow LightPassive heat sinking, no fans, no noise.Waterproof and can be used more widely than other common LED grow lights.With Samsung Chip, the newest and best-led chip for growing.UL or CE listed driver, the light is evenly spread.
This is a Bluetooth water test meter. It can be used to test water EC, TDS, salt, S.G., and temperature. 
This is a 7-in-1 intelligent desktop planter, with the function of flower planting, air purifying, Bluetooth speaker, humidifier, desktop light, alarm clock, LCD display (time, date, temperature)
Pruning Scissors can be used to shape plants, remove dead branches, and promote new growth. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Weltech Shanghai offers different types of gardening scissors. 
Plant hangers make it easy to raise and lower your hanging plants, garden baskets, pots, or bird feeders, eliminating the need for ladders or strenuous reaching. Elevate your gardening experience with our user-friendly and durable plant pulley solutions today. Discover the convenience of plant pulleys for effortless gardening!
CO2 generator's main use in planting vegetables increases CO2 content for vegetable and flower planting in the greenhouse. Our company produces gas-fired CO2 generators that have some characteristics as follows: high yield, safety, convenient operation, and low cost, it is an ideal greenhouse product for accelerating plant growth, increasing yield, improving quality, and enhancing disease resistance.
Carbon Filter Available in 4 inches to 12 inches, customized length
Smart NFT Grow System Grow Cabinet Hydroponics grow system, LED grow system
Item: Digital Water Flow Meter, Water Meter, Water Timer Applications: Home Gardening Hose, Water Wands Sprayer Gun, 3/4 inch standard faucet, hose, and sprinkler.
Double-Ended 1000W Light System MOQ: 100 pcs
Herb Drying Nets, Drying Racks Diameters (cm): 60cm and 90cm Diameters (ft) : 2ft and 3ft Layers: 2, 4, 6, and 8 layers
Flower Pot, Grow Pot, Plastic pot Offer Special price for 20ft/40ft container order. Size: 1, 2,3,5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 gallon available
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