Warranty Terms:

This Weltech Limited Warranty grants you specific rights from Weltech, the manufacturer. Refer to the Weltech website for a comprehensive description of your Limited Warranty entitlements. In cases where you have a separate written agreement with Weltech, you may also have additional legal rights beyond what this Weltech Limited Warranty covers, as it doesn't exclude, limit, or suspend those rights.

This Weltech Limited Warranty exclusively applies to products sold by Weltech, including its global subsidiaries, authorized resellers, distributors, and country distributors as listed under this warranty. While non-Weltech manufacturers and suppliers may offer their warranties, consult your Weltech Limited Warranty to understand your rights and obligations concerning that specific product.

Subject to local law, Weltech guarantees to repair, replace, or refund products displaying defects in materials or workmanship during the Limited Warranty Period.

The Limited Warranty Period commences on the date of purchase or lease from Weltech or from the installation completion date by Weltech or, if applicable, the authorized service provider. Your sales or delivery receipt, indicating the product's purchase or lease date, serves as your proof, unless informed otherwise in writing. Proof of purchase or lease might be required for warranty service.

This Weltech Limited Warranty is globally applicable and enforceable wherever Weltech or its authorized service providers extend warranty service for the same product model number, adhering to the terms in this warranty.

Designed with Customer Self-Repair (CSR) parts, Weltech products minimize repair time. During diagnostics, if Weltech identifies a repair that can be done with a CSR part, the part will be shipped to you for replacement. There are two CSR part categories.

Your cooperation with Weltech or its authorized service provider is necessary for resolving issues through chat, email, or telephone, possibly involving photo or video documentation. Contact Weltech customer service for assistance, where personnel will guide you through chat, email, or telephone. If returning the defective part is required, you must ship it within a specific period. The defective part must be sent with associated shipping material.

Response times are based on local business days and hours, with variations in some countries or regions due to supplier constraints. For any warranty inquiries, feel free to contact Weltech's salesperson directly through email, phone, or other communication channels. We address complaints promptly, aiming to provide a satisfying solution.



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